Aplikasi Perencanaan, Pencatatan Dan Evaluasi Proyek Menggunakan Metode Technique For Others Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution Berbasis Web Framework


  • Marwanto Rahmatuloh
  • Muhammad Ilham Ferdiansyah


Perencanaan Proyek, Pencatatan Proyek, Evaluasi Proyek, TOPSIS


The process of project planning and evaluation at PT. Primalogic Global Teknologi still uses Microsoft PowerPoint and for the project monitoring uses Microsoft Excel so that data from planning to evaluation is not well integrated. So an application is needed to support these problems which aims to manage project planning, manage projects and automate project evaluation using the Technique for Others Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) method to support decisions in sorting the highest value to the lowest value. The results of project planning by way of product setup, setup and project setup so that the recording or monitoring becomes more controlled because the system will recap progress inputted by the software engineer and timeline will be recorded properly.