Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Penyewaan Coworking Space Berbasis Web


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Coworking Space, Entrepreneur, Startup, Web, Incremental


Coworking Space is the most important thing for entrepreneurs and startups that are just being built or just starting out who need a place to work that can be rented out for a while. The existence of a workplace that can be rented will make it easier for entrepreneurs and startups to develop their businesses. In this case workplace services that can be hired are one of the ways used to maintain life for the company itself. In addition, many entrepreneurs or startups run out of capital or go out of business because of the high cost of the workplace which is not comparable to the income from the company. Because it is through this service that can be rented out, entrepreneurs or startups can develop their business.

To overcome the problems mentioned above, a Web-Based Coworking Space Rental Application is needed. This application is intended to help the marketing team as early users to help marketing which provides the best facilities for entrepreneurs and startups in developing their business and collaborating for each other to achieve the same goal.