Implementasi Code Coverage Pada Chatbot Telegram Sebagai Media Alternatif Sistem Informasi


  • Roni Andarsyah Politeknik Pos Indonesia
  • Christian Yuda Pratama Politeknik Pos Indonesia
  • Hanan Destiarin Kishendrian Politeknik Pos Indonesia


Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence, Code Coverage, Statement, Missing


The information system at Xaverius High School is a collection of some very important school information to be known by students, teachers and outsiders, but still experiencing problems where the information system is not responsive and in this information system there is still no service that can handle it 24 hours a day, and it considered inefficient in today's digital era. Therefore, we propose to create a chatbot that can serve 24 hours in collecting registration files and the latest news or information. so that the problem becomes an obstacle if accessed using a smartphone, from that problem a Chatbot was created on the install message application, namely Telegram to increase the dissemination of information, the Telegram bot was successfully built.
Chatbot is a program that is used using artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can simulate conversations with other users like humans who interact with each other through chat applications, websites, mobile applications and so on. administrative documents by entering a username and password on the chatbot, and administrators can make changes to the data as needed, the results of the code coverage test get statement, missing, exclude and coverage results, the lowest is 75% and the highest is 83% which shows quite good results