• Nur Alamsyah Nur Alamsyah Universitas Nasional Pasim


Biosiklus, Petani, Peternak


Biocycle method is a life cycle method of two different activities. We are already familiar with the term waste utilization, waste from an activity that is still fit for use will be recycled or processed in various ways to be reused with the same function but with lower quality. In this Biocycle Method, in real life, we utilize waste from an activity to be processed and then used for different functions and for different activities. The application for the implementation of the Biocycle Method is made for two activities, namely Vegetable Farmers and Rabbit Breeders. Vegetable farmers have waste from their harvests in the form of unfit vegetables, which in the habit of improper or defective vegetables will be discarded, in this Biocycle Method Implementation Application Vegetable farmers can take advantage of the waste to be processed by fermentation. The results from the processed waste will be used as feed by Rabbit Breeders, on the other hand Vegetable Farmers in the farming process need fertilizer for their plants. Vegetable farmers can use the results of processed rabbit breeder waste in the form of liquid fertilizer made from rabbit breeder waste, namely rabbit urine. Vegetable Farmers and Rabbit Breeders will benefit from the processed waste between the two.