Publication Ethics

By submitting a research paper, it is understood that the author has agreed to our terms and conditions which may change without notice. Authors are expected to only submit their own original work. Manuscripts that violate the principles of public publication can be rejected. If the violation is considered severe, then decisive action can be taken by the editor to the author. Therefore, the writer must avoid plagiarism because there are consequences for writers who are caught plagiarizing.

The author will be responsible if copyright infringement or any violation of law is done by publishing research works by the author. Before publishing, the author must check whether the journal is received by his supervisor (supervisor or other author member), or whatever authority he intends to submit his research work. We will not be responsible if at any time, for legal reasons, the journal stops accepting the publication of the manuscript or cannot publish the manuscript that has been received, we have the right to cancel all or any of the manuscripts without any compensation or refund any kind of processing fees.

LPPM Poltekpos tries to process the manuscript quickly but if for any reason online publication of a text is delayed, we will not be responsible for any consequences in the delayed online publication. Authors can download PDF files from journal websites or request high-quality PDF files from published papers to publishing service operators. If the author requires publishing in the form of hardcopy, then can contact the publishing team with other terms and conditions determined by LPPM Poltekpos.